The most convenient solution to keep your hands clean without having to deal with dirty gloves that are a pain to take on and off
SaniGrabber is the most convenient, sanitary way to avoid contact with dirty surfaces in public and at the workplace. 

SaniGrabber fits all hand sizes!

Claim Yours Now and Get 50% Off

SaniGrabber is the most convenient, sanitary way to avoid contact with dirty surfaces in public and at the workplace. 

SaniGrabber fits all hand sizes!

Claim Yours Now and Get 50% Off

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How it Works
Clip Onto Your Belt or Waistband
In seconds you can attach SaniGrabber to any belt or waistband so your ready to deploy at a moment's notice.
Secure in the Holster
The washable holster ensures that your clothes always stay germ free!
Slip Your Hand Inside and Grab Away
Place your hand in our one size fits all SaniGrabber microfiber mitten and reach for anything you need to touch.
Release and it Snaps Back
Just let go when your done and SaniGrabber will snap back to it's place safely on your belt. You never have to touch a thing!
How Can SaniGrabber Help You Stay Safe?
SaniGrabber helps you keep your hands clean all day. Allowing quick, easy access to microfiber mitten cloths that give you the ability to grab, open, slide and pick up objects without having to struggle with latex gloves.
Keep Safe in Public
Keep Safe at Work
Keep Your Family Safe
Extremely Limited Stock Available!
Stop Touching Potentially Dangerous Surfaces
Get your hands into your own SaniGrabber now while supplies last!

What Comes in Your SaniGrabber Kit:

What Comes in Your 
Sani Grabber Kit:

  • Washable Holster: Our holster ensures that your clothes will stay germ free.
  • ​1 Retractable Reel: Attaches to your waistband or belt for quick access and retracts back to your side when done.
  • 10 Microfiber Mittens: Durable microfiber cloth that lasts all day long.
  • ​Free & Fast Shipping: Shipping is 100% free and we'll ship immediately.
  • ​Safety & Peace of Mind: SaniGrabber protects your hands from harmful bacteria that may be left behind on surfaces.
  • One Size Fits All:  Our SaniGrabbers fit any sized hand!
  • Can Be Used on Either Hand: Use on your left hand, right hand, or both hands.
  • ​Money Back Guarantee: Every SaniGrabber Kit comes with a 100% money back guarantee. 
SaniGrabber is proudly made in the U.S.A. and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! 

What People Are Saying About 

What People Are Saying About SaniGrabber

"I found it very hard to keep my hands clean and I was constantly washing them, making them very dry! That was until my friend showed me SaniGrabber! What a blessing! Not only are my hands soft and moist now, I don't have to worry about having dirty hands."

Donna, CT 

"This product has helped me in my everyday life. I suffer from an auto immune disease, so I have to be careful about getting sick. SaniGrabber allows me to worry less about touching dirty surfaces. "

Ashley, NY

"OMG, if you have kids, this is the perfect tool to have!  I have a two kids ( ages 3 and 5 ) and they are messy. Instead of always have to grab a paper towel or wash my hands, I simply wear my SaniGrabber at all times. This allows me to quickly clean up the mess and feel like a super mom. "

Mindy, CO

Our Mission

Minimizes the spread of germs, creating a cleaner environment worldwide, one person at a time.
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